Press Releases

MindVue Announces Strategic Alliance with CD2 Learning

Measure, Predict, and Drive Human Performance and Improve Mental Wellness.

MindVue, a human capital firm dedicated to measuring and building mindset skills, has partnered with CD2 Learning, a digital technology company serving the eLearning and training industries, to create a cutting-edge platform that will help any organization unlock the potential within individuals and teams.

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Coaching U and MindVue Announce Partnership

Coaching U, the most comprehensive coaching program in the world, has partnered with MindVue, a pioneer in the mindset &

personal performance industry, to introduce their cutting-edge platform for measuring and building mindset skills to optimize team performance and improve mental wellness.

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With an Increased Focus on Mental Wellness, Company that Measures & Builds Mindsets Announces Major Rebrand to MindVue

Intrinsic Institute, the company that created a “first-in-class”

scientifically-validated mindset assessment, has completed an extensive rebranding in response to a major platform expansion and an increased focus on mental wellness.

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McQuinn Joins Intrinsic Institute as Chief Operating Officer

Intrinsic Institute, a market leader in measuring and building mindset skills, announced that Clete McQuinn has joined the company as Chief Operating Officer effective January 1, 2020.

McQuinn is a seasoned business executive with 30+ years of experience, including a number of years working with technology companies.

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Intrinsic Institute Launces Scientifically-Validated Assessment to Measure Mindset Skills

Whether in the workplace, on a sports team, in the military, or in a classroom, historically the focus has been on developing and measuring “hard”


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