MindVue helps optimize performance and enhance mental wellness through a learning experience platform.


Ignite the greatness within

Our mindset is our greatest asset - it fuels performance and drives motivation. It's the source of grit and hope, resilience and determination. The highest levels of performance will only be possible with a powerful mindset.

It's time for a new outlook - start with the MindVue platform.

  • The MindVue Profile - a scientifically validated mindset assessment
  • The MindVue Dashboard providing individual, team-level, and organizational-wide mindset analytics and insights
  • Digital micro-learning activities personalized to develop the right mindset skills at the right time
  • Individual and group coaching as well as a community of support

We utilize cutting-edge technology, metrics, and learning solutions to help individuals and teams in:

Business Solutions


Identify and build a high-performing workforce.

Solutions for Sports


Build a team of champions.

Educational Solutions


Develop a proactive approach to student success.

Solutions for the Military and Government Agencies


Optimize performance among all ranks.

Helping some of the greatest organizations optimize performance:

“MindVue gives me a great tool to help my players grow and invest in them as people. Having a strong mindset is essential. Knowing how my players are thinking and feeling allows me the opportunity to start meaningful conversations with them.”

- Donnie Jones, Head Coach Men’s Basketball - Stetson University

“Davidson and his colleagues have developed a state-of-the-art assessment tool called the MindVue Profile … this is a valuable tool for organizations to develop and unlock the potential within individuals.”

- Lt. Gen Bob Caslen (Ret) and Dr. Michael Matthews, The Character Edge: Leading and Winning with Integrity (forthcoming 10/13/20)

“As an NBA coach & executive for over 30 years and a college coach for 15 years I have always been on a journey to improve my players’ performance. NOT ONLY their physical or sport specific skill development, but also their mental skill development. MindVue allowed me to get a snapshot into their mindset to see exactly how the player is thinking and feeling, as well as the resources to use the data collected to maximize their personal growth and build a powerful mindset moving forward. I’m sold – now it’s your turn!”

- Brendan Suhr, Former NBA Coach and Founder – Coaching U

“Mental wellness is something we all need to improve our lives and our performance in the workplace. As a leader in healthcare, I highly recommend the MindVue platform to gain insight on your employees, help strengthen their mindset, and foster resiliency. Personally, this snapshot gave me awareness of my own mindset and helped me focus on the skills I needed to improve and ultimately it made me a better leader.”

- Debbie Newton, Nursing Dept. Director Children’s Mercy Hospital – Kansas City

“Dr. Brian Davidson and [MindVue] allowed our players to discover and develop the characteristics within themselves that drive individual excellence. There are small differences between winning and losing in our conference and throughout college basketball. Understanding our individual, as well as our team’s collective [MindVue] Profile, will help guide our continued growth and give us the advantage to make a big difference both on and off the court for our student-athletes.”

- Coach Sean Dooley - Head Coach, Baker University Men’s Basketball

What we can measure, we can manage.


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