MindVue measures mindset skills research suggests are predictive of human excellence.

The MindVue Profile is a state-of-the-art tool designed to provide insight into how a person is thinking and feeling relative to others. Taking about 15 minutes to complete, the tool captures key mindset skills such as grit, resilience, hope, self-control, motivation, adaptability, and other factors that are predictive of performance and numerous positive life outcomes.

The mindset skills measured by the MindVue Profile have been shown through research to predict:

  • Workplace performance
  • Leadership success
  • Academic success
  • Sport performance
  • Physical health and well-being
  • Financial success and social mobility

The MindVue Profile IS:

  • A snapshot in time of a person’s mindset to understand how they are thinking and feeling relative to others
  • A tool to assist people in fostering a high-performance mindset
  • Scientifically-validated
  • A proactive solution to guide personal and professional development

The MindVue Profile is NOT:

  • A personality assessment that measures innate traits
  • Used to describe who you are, how others may describe you, or who you can become
  • A tool to label or categorize someone
  • A medical test used to diagnose disorders

What we can measure, we can manage

MindVue Measured Skills

The MindVue Profile measures these 13 mindset skills:

Experiencing passion and perseverance to achieve your long-term goals

Believing you can weather adversity, bounce back from setbacks, and emerge from hardship stronger than before

Intrinsic Motivation
Pursuing self-generated and meaningful goals with a strong sense of purpose

Internal Locus Of Control
Believing that factors within your control such as your hard work, decisions, and effort can positively impact future outcomes

Feeling comfortable and confident in your sense of identity and authentic self

Believing in your ability to accomplish goals

Feeling you can control your impulses and resist temptations

Feeling capable of acclimating to the changing environment

Feeling you give your best effort regardless of whether you find meaning and enjoyment in the task

Feeling organized, dependable, attentive to detail, and capable of completing tasks with minimal procrastination

Growth Mindset
Believing that your potential can be cultivated through effort

Feeling capable of navigating around obstacles while in pursuit of your goals

Believing you are acting with a moral compass, a sense of ethics, and being honest

The Science Behind the MindVue Profile

  • Multi-year validation process by a team of doctoral-trained researchers.
  • Rigorous analyses such as factor analysis, internal consistency testing, and various criterion-related validity studies demonstrate the instrument's strong psychometric properties.
  • Commitment to the assessment standards, practices and guidelines outlined by the American Psychological Association, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.