Welcome to the MindVue Learning Experience Platform

MindVue is an online SaaS learning experience platform (LXP) ideal for any type and size of organization, delivering personalized training content to build mindset skills, optimize performance, and improve mental wellness. Unlike traditional learning management systems that involve mandatory training or compliance, MindVue users are able to control the content, choose which skills to focus on, and collaborate with others in your organization.

The MindVue key differentiators

  • Evidence-based and scientifically-validated mindset assessment
  • State-of-the-art behavioral science and cutting-edge technology solutions
  • Building key mindset skills to protect against stress, adversity, and burnout
  • Gamification and incentivized participation increases engagement
  • Personalized training content delivered to the user's mobile phone
  • Targeted intervention as opposed to "one-size-fits-all" approach
  • Demonstrative customer ROI

MindVue on all devices

MindVue Dashboard

How it Works

Building the right mindset skills at the right time.

MindVue measures 13 mindset skills, and then utilizing artificial intelligence, delivers personalized training content to the user's mobile device. The platform provides organizational leaders with analytics to help understand individuals' current mindsets - as well as the collective group or team's mindset - and provides automated recommendations to build mindset skills that will optimize performance and improve mental wellness.

MindVue Dashboard Results

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How it works

For the organization

Step 1:

Access to the MindVue Dashboard for powerful individual and group analytics

Step 2:

Automated individual recommendations for intervention to help each person build their mindset skills

Step 3:

Automated group recommendations to enhance the mindsets of the group

Build the skills that drive exceptional human performance. Our coaching services, workshops, and keynotes offer the opportunity to inspire excellence in every audience. Whether a corporation, sports franchise, or educational institution, MindVue will help build the skills that matter most.

Coaching Solutions


Individual and group coaching programs to strengthen mindset development and maximize potential.

MindVue Workshops


Half-day and full-day experiential workshops to build the skills driving exceptional human performance.

Speaking Solutions


30-90 minute presentations to motivate, inspire, and empower audiences of any size (both in person and webinar).